About Us

HOUSING CONTRACTING was established in 1994 as a private residential developer to provide affordable houses to Bahraini families.

35 Years’ experience in the construction industry and led by a team of professional engineers, managers and technical experts, our company uses the most advanced technology to offer multidisciplinary services through our client interface. This reduces costs, simplifies the most complex projects, and enables us to deliver first class client value.

All company projects are located in choice locations and built to the highest quality specifications, synonymous with the company. HOUSING CONTRACTING stands above all as a specialist property developer, solely focused on harnessing the potential for affordable houses.

The HOUSING CONTRACTING level of expertise enables it to accurately predict future opportunities and develop off-plan projects.

Why Choose us

In a region where there are numerous property developers and real estate agents, the reasons for choosing our company as preferred partner are simple; what HOUSING CONTRACTING offers speaks for itself:

  • Affordable Houses
  • High Quality
  • No Risk
  • Easy Payment Schemes (Low interest rates for loans
  • Flexibility
  • Counsel Services
  • Modern House Technique
  • Trustworthiness

Values of dynamism, stability, direction and dedication demonstrate our commitment to high quality technology and thereby, ensure our valued reputation and renowned name continue to be a symbol of quality and success.